Behind the Blogger Tag

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Ruskin Bond: Once Upon a Time in Mussoorie

An unforgettable meeting with my favorite author, Ruskin Bond, is among one of my fondest memories. I was stupefying experience for me which I recreate today, once again, after 9 years.


12 Wittiest Quotes from Shakespeare You would want to Own

What better than throwing away a couple of classic witty quotes in your banter everyday; and from none other but our all time favorite- SHAKESPEARE!!


Mother’s Day Special: Why is it important for mothers to self love?

One of the best things a mother can do is to love herself. But are we getting enough sleep, rest, and time to even think and plan things ahead? All this made me ponder over the fact that are we, as mothers, giving ourselves enough love and care?


Are you feeling cornered out at your virtual workplace of late?

Since the absence of physical proximity, it has become difficult for employees to watch, understand, and observe the overall attitudes and behaviors of the fellow colleagues along with the verbal discourse. The virtual meeting rooms and office spaces have made it difficult for some to understand the context of the words being spoken. Read on to know how employees are negotiating a balance between virtual workplace bullying and their families' well being.


Mitsubishi Pajero Convoy en route the Himalayan Hills- Narkanda Snow Drive 2020: A Glimpse

It was fun to drive in the majestic snow covered Himalayan hills in february this year. 26 Pajeros moving in a convoy, courtesy: Watch the video to see the unlimited fun we all had.


Lockdown and Anxiety- Is it really taking a toll over our mental health?

The enigma of quarantine is bewildering me now. What really should we do with this time at hand and what we actually are doing with it? I have my doubts and I laid bare them all.


Into the Royal Corridors: The Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur – Wander and Wonder

The Taj Rambagh Palace, Jaipur, was on my travel list last month. It was mesmerizing indeed to see with my own eyes the breathtakingly beautiful building. Here is a sneak-peak into the heritage building that was once the residence of the royal couple, The Maharaja and Maharani of Jaipur, HH Sawai Man Singh and HH Gayatri Devi.


5 Books to Enjoy Reading Whilst the 21 Days ‘Stay at home’ COVID-19 Challenge

share your thoughts on what you plan to do during the lockdown.

Tweeting Mynah

Reading is always one of my favorite past time activity. I won’t claim that I am a voracious reader like many others, but I make it a point to read a few fiction or non-fiction books each year. I am particularly a fan of books with

  • Controversial historical facts
  • Compelling suspense narratives
  • Rom-coms
  • And everyone’s all time favorite classics.

Though year 2019 was not that a good year for reading to me, but, this year I have promised myself that I’d be reading at least a dozen of books if not more.

I always used to think a lot before choosing a particular book to read. It does not mean that I don’t often buy books. I buy a lot of them but read only a few. I cannot pass a book shop without having to look out for the current best sellers from my favorite genres. The sheer…

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5 Books to Enjoy Reading Whilst the 21 Days ‘Stay at home’ COVID-19 Challenge

This is what I would be doing for the next 21 days of national lockdown. What is your plan for the days to come? A shoutout to all book lovers!