The vibrant and Zesty Surajkund Mela 2020: A sneak Peak

The Surajkund Mela also known as the Surajkund International Crafts Fair is an annual mega fest held at Faridabad, Haryana. The fest is organized fortnightly in the month of February each year and attracts millions of people to its vibrant and colorful pavilions. The Surajkund Crafts Fair 2020 saw the best of the products, talents and food & tradition this year too. The fair was held from 1st February to 16th February in the grounds of Surajkund, Faridabad. The fest bespeaks of India’s rich and varied folk culture and traditions from every corner.

Each year we have a guest country or state to showcase its exquisite talent in handicraft, handloom, cuisine, and art forms. People from various walks of life showcase their skills and put up these items for sale. The fest gives the opportunity to these people to promote their talent on a larger platform like this and also earn reasonably by selling their products. This year too there were manufacturers and karigars from other states like U.P., Punjab, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat etc. who showcased their handicrafts at the fest. Almost all the states participate in this crafts mela with their state specific customary handicrafts and handloom fabrics. Not only this, the fest this year had Lebanon as the partner country, where handicrafts manufacturers from Lebanon showcased their beautiful handmade jewelry and fabrics popular in their culture.

The huge grounds of the crafts fair are filled with people from India as well as other nations. Tourists flock the fair in large numbers which itself tells about the international popularity of this event. The food stalls are thronged with people who get a taste of different delicacies from around the country. Whether it is the Daal Baati Choorma from Rajasthan or Sev Puri from Maharasthra, the fest appeals to everyone’s taste buds. The weather in the month of February also adds to the vibrant and colorful effect of the fair. The slowly fading away of the winters and the oncoming of spring adds to the bloom of the beautiful crafts fair. The gush of wind under the bright sun reduces the heat and it becomes fairly tolerable to walk through the mela. Being situated just 10 kilometers  away from south Delhi, the fair becomes the ideal spot for people to come for shopping, food, dating, or just a day out with friends.

The inimitability of this crafts fair promotes the talents of people from small scale cottage industries or individual manufacturers who are forbearers and carriers of handicrafts but are forced to sell their products for pittance to the middlemen.  One can see the manufacturer selling their products directly to the buyer in this crafts bazaar which not only helps them earn greater margins but also connect with the prospective buyers for future trade. This is a very good initiative taken by Haryana Tourism in collaboration with Union Ministries of Tourism, Textiles, and Culture and External Affairs.

The evenings of the fair are adorned with music, fun and frolic from different national and international artists. One can enjoy the least seen folk performances from India in the main Chaupals and open air theatres in the premise. The performances give the feel of olden days when people used to gather for such performances and enjoy them till late hours. These cultural evenings become very intriguing as they remind one of the rich heritages of our country and many a times also make the onlooker longing for the past teary eyed. The mela reminds one of the fast-paced lifestyle and ever-growing individualism which does not let people stop for a minute and reflect back of the times spent in peace and harmony with their loved ones. The visit to the fair unwinds one of his monotony and lets him enjoy the versatility of our culturally rich nation.

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