About the Blog

Founded in 2020, Tweeting Mynah talks about every facet of life including Literature, Culture, Travel, Motherhood and Lifestyle. The endeavor of this blog is to talk about everything under the sun that contributes to making life beautiful and worth living for. The focus of the blog would be on issues related to women in particular. The idea is to amplify the happiness quotient in women struggling with their daily lives by sharing their experiences with each other. The blog will help the ordinary readers to relate to the ideas posted here and help them to have a purgation of their emotions through my writings.

How often do we sit back and relax for a moment and think about ourselves?

How often do we comfortably share over deeply secret thoughts to others without the fear of being judged?

Life is beautiful, we just forget to enjoy it and give out a loud laugh once or twice!

Tweeting Mynah aims to bring all such little pleasures and pains out of you to share with.

Something About the Author

After having pursued my academics, I had this unquenchable thirst to do something different than the normative teaching and lecturing. I tried my hands at teaching, and most of the times, I received teaching assignments which either did not interest me or, may be, I didn’t interest the organisations I was working with! With the birth of my little one, I soon realized that the world is not so kind to ambitious new mothers working along side. I might sound contravening to some but many women in my position would agree to that one.

The need to do something on my own terms, with added responsibility to take care of, led me into trying different work opportunities and I finally landed into blogging. I find it really motivating and rewarding in terms of recognition that you want in exchange of your work. Though I have been writing ‘stuff’ (yes I call it that way for now) since long but the courage to publish it did not come until now.

I travel a lot, thanks to my travel enthusiast hubby who makes sure to plan a trip in every quarter of the year. It keeps us motivated, enthusiastic and we look forward to our next one. After much solicitation by him, I have now started sharing my travel and other social experiences with people from all over the world.

I have not planned to take my blog to a so and so level, but, all I have thought about is to SHARE and SPREAD love with like minded people.

I wish to write a book or two some day!

Shweta, the Mynah