Finding Rainbow Between the Clouds

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I know it has been too long since I last wrote anything. . .or ‘significant anything’ here on this blog or elsewhere. But when the mind is elsewhere, the thoughts are bound to linger from one place to another. It happens with me a lot. All I have been doing since last six months is reading, travelling, repeat. I know it sounds cool but it was no more than soul-searching on my part, to figure out what exactly I wish to do. Sadly, I couldn’t figure it out. Though I tried a number of things in-between this reading-travelling-repeat; things like, writing a little, learning to account all my travels in short videos and a bit of photography.

I like to write, period. But a little problem I find with writing is the sort of time and space that I feel wanting. When Virginia Woolf says a woman needs a room of her own, she is no doubt appealing for a physical as well as a mental space for each woman who wish to jot down an account of something she really, truly feels for. The concept of super-woman is very dubious these days. For me a super woman is the one who is jack of all trades but master of none. Yes she is expected to do everything with perfection and leave no room for criticism on her way by the ever scrutinizing world. But in all this we forget weather she has gotten a moment to take a pause, breath, and think for a second about where she is going with all this charade of being ‘perfect’.

I guess my rants feel the same old feminist utterances to you but don’t millions of women feel the same day in and day out? One can argue that if one is accomplished with all the luxuries of life and is well fed and ‘taken care of ‘ she mustn’t compliant and look at those who are less privileged. But if this is the case then I guess the writings of Simon de Bouvier and Virginial Woolf would stand meaningless for the ‘privileged ones’ as both these women were doing good as far as their social status is concerned.

My whole point is to make us, the women, understand that instead of expecting or seeking your own space and time, we must come forward and seek it for ourselves. No one is going to give it to us unless we try harder for it. Sometimes it is good to let go of things as they are instead of ruing over things not being done perfectly. Our perfection id what we measure ourselves in our own eyes rather than of the others. If you are not given time for yourself, then make some for yourself without the slightest of hesitation or guilt. Instead of ‘making the most of ‘ that time use that time to do your sort of thing whether it is relaxing, sleeping, reading, a walk, or may be writing. The pressure making that time ‘useful’ must be chucked out of the window or shoved under the carpet and then only you can truly realize your potential and interest to do your sort of thing.

I guess my rants if not much then must be making a little sense whatsoever. Do share your thoughts about the things you feel like doing but are apprehended on their way towards accomplishment.

That’s all for today and I guess I would come up with something interesting next time (tongue in cheek) 😉

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