Agatha Christie’s The Mysterious Affair at Styles: Book Review #001

Its been long since I have posted anything on my blog and the reason is that I have been on ‘binge reading’ all this while. I have been going through books; be it paperback, hardcover, or e-books all this while and, whatever grabs my attention is on my reading list next.

Though I have not done any book review yet on my blog, since it is pretty new, and so am I–new to blogging. But here am I, back with my unquestionable and uncontested love for reading. For this time around, I have sorted out the genre for my TBR, which is, short stories-classic and contemporary, both.

The first in line is the crime and detective fiction by non other than Agatha Christie, who has been an epitome of her genre. So without much ado, I would come up with the review of her very first published novel, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Agatha Christie’s debut novel introduces Hercule Poirot, the eccentric and famous detective from Belgium, and his friend and narrator, Captain Hastings. He is Belgian refugee who is settling in England after the WWI.

The plot involves the murder of the a wealthy benefactress whom Poirot is an acquintance with since she has been landing her hand in helping the Belgian refugees settle in Styles. Poirot, like his usual detective self, is suspecting everyone and is adamant at finding out the real killer.

The killer is also smart enough to make the death look like a natural one, caused by heart failure. But Poirot is not coming to rest till he finds out the killer.

The story progresses on the premise of ‘motive to kill’ and that is money. The lady in question here, is an old woman married a second time to a man much younger to her age. It is suspected that she might be murdered by her step-sons from her previous marriage since she is the one who owns the property and all the wealth given to her by her ex-husband.

Christie’s novel is laden with many other characters who are prominent in the book and are given much attention by the author, as well as the detective, to be suspected as the real killers. Each character has a secret with him which comes to forfront as the novel progresses and it entangles the plot quite a bit.

But what comes out to be the real turning point at the end is not the real thrust of the novel but it is the way Poirot strips and examines, going back and forth, the events of the day the woman was killed.

His skills at unfolding the incidents and getting to a conclusion is worth reading. You would enjoy the book since it will keep you hooked till the last chapter which opens up the plot of murder bare before us.

Christie has done a tremendous job at keeping the readers busy guessing the real killer till the end. And all the guesses you would make would fall flat as the chapters progress.

I would recommend the book to all mystery lovers and those who love reading Christie.


Quick to read: A day or two

Engaging and Intriguing

A five star to the book!!

You can read the book on kindle Amazon now.

My next Christie book would be “Murder on the Links“.

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