12 Wittiest Quotes from Shakespeare You would want to Own

It’s been a while since we all have laughed loud and laughed hard. There is already enough talk about things like lockdown extension, COVID-19, a-symptomatic, stay safe, stay home, wash your hands, and so on. But in all this hullabaloo, we have forgotten the good old times when we all had friends and family around us with food and drinks served and we laughed and laughed till we used to gag ourselves to it!

The happiness is not something to be waited for. It has to be found, taken and shared with others. So I thought to have some for myself and though of sharing the same with you. I found myself going back to none other but SHAKESPEARE, the father of wit and humor, for some hearty laugh. And I stumbled upon some of his comedies that I had read once upon a time. It felt so joyous and exhilarating to turn a few leaves of As You Like It, Henry IV, and All’s Well That Ends Well, among others.

Reading some of the banter that his characters exchange, made me chuckle. The quick repartee that he was the master of, is obvious in his comedies. Here are some quotes for you to read and laugh along.

I bet many of us would want to incorporate a few of these quotes in our banter day to day.

Let me know your favorite ones among these.

Share a few more quotes of your liking from our all time canonical writer, Shakespeare!


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