Mother’s Day Special: Why is it important for mothers to self love?

I have been thinking lately to share my ramblings on motherhood but all I could do is to just think and think and think about writing this and that, without ever accomplishing it actually. There is so much going on all this while that I didn’t realize that it is Mothers’ Day until I received my daughter’s zoom classes daily activity schedule. This whole week was dedicated to mom and mom rhymes including cold cooking activity making kids prepare breakfast for mommies! I would share the excerpts in the next post.

I realized that how busy and jam packed all the mothers would be feeling this week, in addition to the usual chores they have been doing since lockdown. Are we getting enough sleep, rest and time to even think and plan things ahead? All this made me ponder over the fact that are we, as mothers, giving ourselves enough love and care?

Why loving ourselves is even more important?

One of the best things a mother can do is to love herself. There is so much that goes into bearing and rearing of kids and helping them grow into amazing human beings. Self loving is not selfish. It is really important for mothers to think about themselves, care for their needs-mental and physical. In the chaos of everyday life where mothers find themselves ready at every command and desire of their kids, not to forget the rest of the family, a woman needs a breath or two for herself. Taking a break from routine chores might cause anxiety and guilt to moms but we must not forget that it is equally important for us to look after our well being since our health and stability matters for the overall happiness of our family. A sane mind can only make sane decisions for persons it loves.

Loving one’s own self is really very important for a mother. A time out for self from the busy schedule is a chance to rejuvenate oneself. One can ask a family member, husband or a baby-sitter for help in this regard, while the mother can chill all this while and do nothing but relax in the way she likes. My husband helps me a lot in this as he too is working from home and is doing every bit he could to ease me of my burden. And I love him to eternity for that. 

It is after all the responsibility of the whole family to care for, if not the kids, then for that one important parson of the household who must be fit and fine to keep the wheels of the family running smoothly.

Imagine for yourself a parent working day in and day out at home, exhausting her and still working round the clock, unflinchingly. She works as a commander in action, multitasking around the house; doing laundry in-between cooking and running behind her little troops menacing around the house; but never giving up! I am myself into this habit of keep checking on my kid when I am occupied with so many things at hand. And with the lockdown happening now, I find myself busy from the mornings itself, as my little one is having her zoom classes and it is not expected of and neither advisable for a 4 year old to be using the laptop on her own.

Imagine me doing her morning prayers along with her and I cannot keep mum or dare not close my eyes while praying! She monitors me continuously by peeking intermittently while in action!

Things that mom-soldiers do each day!

I have listed a few things that we do every day. The idea is to read and feel proud of ourselves even if these are the things which we consider ‘obvious’ and ‘mandatory’. A little self-appraise and self ‘pat on the back’ would not harm us. 

Play Indoor Games

Kids love little riddles and games played indoors. They need to be kept occupied. My daughter is pro at playing Snakes and Ladders and Ludo and it has been made mandatory by her to have 2 sessions of each game every day.  So you can imagine it is not a recreational activity for me now but another task at hand which needs to be done as she keeps a mental record of it. Not to forget the building blocks and doll house games which are every kid’s favorite.

Watch a TV Program of Their Choice

Now it is another deal that we have made with her that if she lets us watch our kind of TV program then we would watch her programs too with her. This is in a way very good habit for kids to share the number of hours everyone in the house can watch TV. Besides this rule has also made her understand that TV is something to be rationed and would not play endlessly all the day.

Cook Meals with Them (cold cooking if kids are too young)

She has recently learned to make sandwiches and lemonade in her online classes and made one for me yesterday on the occasion of mothers’ day. Believe me, nothing please you more to have something prepared by your own kid at such a tender age. It made me emotional to have the sandwich out of her hands. 

Seek Help in Cleaning up the Mess

My daughter is again sincere at this one. Why I say sincere because she does it anyway without me asking her to do so. She, just like her mom is ‘OCDed’ of mess around her.

Draw and Paint with Kids

My kid and I love to paint. I help her with sketches and she loves to paint with water colors. It her newly acquired passion and I take it as a blessing in this lockdown situation as It keeps her occupied for hours intermittently. I would love to share a few of my daughter’s stint with paints and brushes, here!

A New found hobby!! Learn & Enjoy at the same time.

Share Stories

Even kids love to narrate their own sort of fantasy fiction. Mine is particularly obsessed with animal fables and their food! Yes, Food! She is a foodie and her favorite story is when she ate the food of so and so animal and it ate hers!

But in all this running around the house and after the kids, how mothers can keep up with their health? With no respite from lockdown, we must find something for ourselves to unwind us with. I have been doing a few things mentioned here and plan to catch up with the rest soon.

  • Exercise at least thrice a week
  • Start writing a journal to keep the head clear of any emotional baggage
  • Read for yourself
  • Join a friendly mom-community around your location to meet with, share and spend time with other mothers like you.
  • Go out shopping alone or with your friends once in a while sans kids.
  • Make kids independent enough to handle their small tasks of every day like, changing clothes, morning ablutions, or doing their homework etc. so you can only have to monitor them for anything if goes wrong.

And always remember; eat healthy because a healthy mother raises healthy and smart kids.

5 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Special: Why is it important for mothers to self love?”

  1. Your this blog on the Mothers Day is beautifully focussed on mothers, love and children & sends a very happy signal to we parents.Very nice, thanks and keep it up !


  2. Brilliant read! Although I am not yet a mother myself I agree it is vital mothers practice self love and self care. Thanks for sharing – just followed your blog x


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