Mitsubishi Pajero Convoy en route the Himalayan Hills- Narkanda Snow Drive 2020: A Glimpse

It was fun to drive in the majestic snow covered Himalayan hills in february this year. 26 Pajeros moving in a convoy, courtesy: Watch the video to see the unlimited fun we all had.

Read more about the snow adventure on the post below:

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13 thoughts on “Mitsubishi Pajero Convoy en route the Himalayan Hills- Narkanda Snow Drive 2020: A Glimpse”

      1. I would sound biased if I name a few places from India. I should every place/state that you pick to travel, you will find it amazing. It is so varied in culture, dressing, food etc. so very colourful and vibrant. I have yet to discover many places in my own country and I plan to write a blog for each one that I visit.

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      2. Not tourism exactly, but I have travelled a lot to Himachal state and I have started writing about my travels recently. Mine is a pretty new blog.

        There is one blog that I wrote about Rambagh Palace, which was once the Royal house of kings and queens of Jaipur, now converted into a luxury hotel. You can read about and see pictures for yourself.

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