5 Books to Enjoy Reading Whilst the 21 Days ‘Stay at home’ COVID-19 Challenge

share your thoughts on what you plan to do during the lockdown.

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Reading is always one of my favorite past time activity. I won’t claim that I am a voracious reader like many others, but I make it a point to read a few fiction or non-fiction books each year. I am particularly a fan of books with

  • Controversial historical facts
  • Compelling suspense narratives
  • Rom-coms
  • And everyone’s all time favorite classics.

Though year 2019 was not that a good year for reading to me, but, this year I have promised myself that I’d be reading at least a dozen of books if not more.

I always used to think a lot before choosing a particular book to read. It does not mean that I don’t often buy books. I buy a lot of them but read only a few. I cannot pass a book shop without having to look out for the current best sellers from my favorite genres. The sheer…

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