When I Think of You: Relics

When u first held me in your arms
A little life placed in your palms
how one and infinite we felt
How beautiful was the moment
how very fleeting how very permanent.
How you looked at me and saw you in me
your own shadow that no one could disagree.
Yes! I am but a part of you,the heart of you, but can I ever be YOU….?
A void I feel now, the life moves slow
Shall I mourn the loss or take hold and pause?
There was a time when you were at your prime
The beauty and the youth both by your side
The head held high the unfazed smile
The uniform you adorned how it was envied and scorned
The way you walked as if the world was at your command
Has anyone ever seen a man like you ?
More majestic, more royal, as magnificent as you?
As stunned and grieved now I stand
A void, a gap, that I fully now understand.

Written by:

Shweta, the Mynah.

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