Why You Need to be vacationing Without Kids Once in a While?

No wonder that planning a week long trip without the kids on board is a distant possibility. A lot goes into planning things ahead of vacation and after you would be back. The crucial part is—where to leave your kids behind? What care they would be under all this while when you and your partner (guiltlessly!) chilling out on some distant holiday destination. The first though that comes to mind is our parents. Thankfully, we in India have that luxury of leaving our kids in the care of their grandparents. It’s not so even a burden for them too as the love for grand kids exceeds the love they have for US! The proposition is accepted as quickly as laid down.

The idea of vacationing without kids is a dream for every mother (or a nightmare for some may be!). But given a chance, every mother out there would jump up for such an opportunity, provided, her kids would be in a safe custody. Though there might be some who would say,

          How can you leave your little one for so long?

          How could you enjoy that long a break? Don’t you miss your kid?

Or some may even say,

          Give sometime to you and your kid and take her along (in a few years)!


I admit, and not guiltily, that I am a big fan of vacationing without my daughter. My husband (partner in crime) and I are frequent travelers. The sooner I get to hear about an upcoming vacation, I pack our bags and leave at the earliest!

Though my daughter is too young to be left alone but, here, I have a privilege to put her under the care of her grandmothers (on both the sides)! Let not assume readers, that the time of separation is easy on my conscience but having said that, it is much required a break.

The guilt comes running back as soon as you leave your child with hugs, kisses and goodbyes. (Not to mention that even my kid is also happy to have that break from her mom’s constant naggings and ‘NO’ to every other thing she demands!) But here are we, hitting the road to have our “only-two-of-us-together” time.

But hey! It’s not as easy as it seems to be. There is a huge list of ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’’; ‘Dos and Don’ts’ for the child you left back with his/her favorite grandparents!

But the thing about why you and your partner need to have that, one, much needed break is:

You Need to get out of that routine work

This applies to all, whether a working mother or a homemaker.  For once, you are bored with your chores and the kids are driving you CRAZY, and even you are driving your kids, NUTS! Both of the parties would jump up at the idea of their own kind of vacation break

The Grandparents too, Feel Happy

The third party, the grandparents must also feel excited of this little adventure of yours. They too might be expecting to hang out a little with their kids’ kid. (Mine does!) Let the old and the young ones have their own sort of age-reversal playing tricks! (My daughter preaches, teaches, scoffs and scorns over her already very lovingly subdued grandparents).

Spend Some Real Time with Your Partner, not fighting or just Sex-ting!

Half of my battles (other than my ongoing battle with life in general), with my husband are because of our kid. And we are always fighting not because of her, but for her, with each other. I know the above statement has confused you. But the point is, WE FIGHT MORE THAN WE MAKE LOVE. And the point of the vacation is to have at least one decent conversation sans eruptive mood swings! (Many would agree on that one, I guess!)

Raise the Toast to Your Romance Re-kindled!

Every couple, once in a while, need to have that memory revisit, when you both used to have drinks after drinks and see who falls first! Take that moment back, get drunk, fall down and wake up only in the morning! Make the night memorable for the next time to remember.

Do any of the above points make you leave for a vacation break right now?

If yes, then start packing your stuff and leave. By the time you come back, your kids will love you more than they ever have. Rekindle your romance and get carefree and drunk once in a while, Boost your happy hormones!

Share your travel experiences without your kids, in the comments section below.

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