5 Crazy Things That You Only Do With Your Bestie

The sheer pleasure of having a best friend is that you can do all sorts of craziest and silliest things together. The child in you comes back, momentarily, and there are no inhibitions to hold yourself on to.

You have seen each other in your best and your worst of times. Whether it is stealthily making strange, funny faces at each other in a public place, dressing up weirdly to just have a laugh together at each others’ cost, being available at any moment with a zero makeup look, or worse, taking poop and conversing over phone! The point is your relationship is with NO SECRETS at all.

Your relationship with your bestie is invaluable and no other relationship that you ever make, including your boyfriend(s), can replace the one with your friend.

The things that you do with your bestie can be the weirdest and craziest but there is an undying love in everything that you do with each other, for each other. Everything that you do together has that extra dose of cuteness, nuttiness, insanity, foolery, and lunacy to it. Your online accounts are full with all that wacky stuff that you post every day. It is, as if, more is less for you and you want to share everything that you two do, with the world. The secret code language, the funny acronyms that only you two share, the little clues that you two post, tagging each other, describe you love for one another.

Here are 5 craziest things that you two do together in your own crazy and secret world.

  • Gossip About Other Women

It is only with your bestie that you can bitch about other women. I know, some would say, that’s not a good thing. But hey there! The doctors say bitching relieves stress and how stressful the life has become now. There is no harm in doing that once in a while (or all the time when you two meet).

(My bestie and I can gossip even through whatsapp. We choose our target (a photo), encircle it, mark it, comment on it and hit the ‘send’ button and wait for the response. The chat becomes hilarious, adorned with emojis!)

  • Don’t Hesitate in Showing that Extra Flab

It is only with your best friend that you are not wary of showing those extra pounds you recently gained. The protruding tummy, the sagging breast since you left feeding you little one, the graying of hair, the facial hair, the legs that need waxing, is all out there to be seen, commented on, and then forgetting when you order a high-calorie meal and binge on it.

  • Getting High with a Bottle of Wine or an Old Monk

The alcohol does wonders when taken with your best friend. It does justice with your brain and your tongue too (literally!!). The idea is not to relish that expensive wine but it’s as simple as getting drunk! The blabbering followed by three glasses or more is worth everything that makes you happy.

  • Discussing Your Sex Life

The besties find it really amusing to tease each other on their relationships, sexual life and the menstruation cycle. No one but your best friend is your first ‘gyne consultant’. Before you rush to a gynecologist, your friend knows about the problem and is ready with a solution. If you ‘made out’ really crazy the last night, it is your best friend who would be the only one to hear it first from the horse’s mouth.

  • Talking in that Weird Accent Entirely

It is only with your best friend that you can talk shit and that too in some crazy accent which you have acquired recently. The point is to have a humorous conversation and the broken accent adds to it.

(My friend and I often do that and it’s so laughable that sometimes my daughter too looks at me weirdly and wonders if her mother has gone crazy! But I think she has started to understand lately that surely her mom is on phone with her one and only crazy friend!)

Share your best moments with your best one! Let your friend know how hilarious it is now to remember those cute and silly things that you two did together. Comment in the section below and share with us.

5 thoughts on “5 Crazy Things That You Only Do With Your Bestie”

  1. Lovely read. It is almost everything that I would do in the presence of my besties. They are the rainbow of our lives. Thanks for making me revisit the lovely time spent with them and relishing the joy of having them. Life is a rollercoaster ride with them. I had mine hope everybody had theirs too.


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