5 Books to Enjoy Reading Whilst the 21 Days ‘Stay at home’ COVID-19 Challenge

This is what I would be doing for the next 21 days of national lockdown. What is your plan for the days to come? A shoutout to all book lovers!


When I Think of You: Relics

An Elegy on the death of a loved one.


Corona Virus: How are things at your end?

How are you feeling in the wake of COVID-19? Somethings have surely changed. Mine have, how have yours? Let me know.


5 Things to do Amidst COVID19 if You Cannot get a ‘Work From Home’

What would you do if the nature of your job is not 'work from home' friendly amid the looming threat of Corona Virus? Can you afford to loose your job? If not, what precautions are necessary? Click to read more.

Us, on our way to Narkanda!

A Fun Filled Snow Drive to Narkanda this Winter

The adventurous trip I had this January (2020) was so much fun! Check out the pictures and read my post for more.


Why You Need to be vacationing Without Kids Once in a While?

How often do you plan a vacation without your kids on board? What are the best moments that you two have on such travels? Click to know more.


5 Crazy Things That You Only Do With Your Bestie

What are the craziest things that you do with you best friend? Share you funny moments and have a good laugh while doing that!


Why do working mothers made to feel guilty about availing a daycare?

Is sending your child to a daycare bad for her? People have varied opinions on this issue. Find out what the author has to say.


The vibrant and Zesty Surajkund Mela 2020: A sneak Peak

How entertaining was the Surajkund Mela this year? Read about the internationally acclaimed crafts bazaar and its vibrant features.


5 Books to Enjoy Reading Whilst the 21 Days ‘Stay at home’ COVID-19 Challenge

share your thoughts on what you plan to do during the lockdown.

Tweeting Mynah

Reading is always one of my favorite past time activity. I won’t claim that I am a voracious reader like many others, but I make it a point to read a few fiction or non-fiction books each year. I am particularly a fan of books with

  • Controversial historical facts
  • Compelling suspense narratives
  • Rom-coms
  • And everyone’s all time favorite classics.

Though year 2019 was not that a good year for reading to me, but, this year I have promised myself that I’d be reading at least a dozen of books if not more.

I always used to think a lot before choosing a particular book to read. It does not mean that I don’t often buy books. I buy a lot of them but read only a few. I cannot pass a book shop without having to look out for the current best sellers from my favorite genres. The sheer…

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